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Transitive : across-beyond-over
Form : shape, contour, give life
Action : a performing - a doing - a putting into motion

TRANS_FORM_ACTION  is a collaboration between ICK Dans Amsterdam and Dance Connects Company. The project is developed by choreographer Dereck Cayla together with founder of Dance Connects Company and choreographer Floortje Rous and artistic coordinator ICK Academy Marley Braaf.

TRANS-FORM-ACTION is a dance project, bringing qualitative art into social exchanges by bridging professional dance companies to non professional dance enthusiasts.  We will work with a core group, from the body, to create  an in depth artistic process based on exchanges and less on virtuosity. With this project our wish is to reach out and encounter different communities where all age groups are involved, though the medium of dance. The rehearsals will start in september 2022 until May 2023, and will conclude into a dance performance in May 2023.

TRANS-FORM-ACTION LAB is a physical workshop of 4 days open to all age groups, with a wish to emphasize the inclusion of non professional dance enthusiasts over 50, 60, 70 and 80 years old. The lab serves as research for TRANS-FORM-ACTION but does not mean you will or have to take part in the creation process of TRANS-FORM-ACTION'S dance performance. 


workshop with choreographer Dereck Cayla following the methodology of Double skin/Double mind /

Double Skin/Double Mind (DS/DM) is a dance method developed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten in which the sensitivity of the body is discovered through 4 basic principles: Breathing, Jumping, Expanding and Reducing. Experiencing the DS/DM method can lead to a new physical and mental awareness in which intention and form coincide.We will introduce the pre-choreographic element developed by Pieter and Emio as a departure tool for improvisation research to bring us physically and mentally into an introspective research mode. With a wish to develop aspects of the methodology like breaking-through limitations and expanding beyond the known boundaries of the body.

Thursday February 24 / 9.00 to 12.30 hour / Het Talentenhuis / Meer en Vaart 290 / Amsterdam 

Saturday 26 februari / 9.30 to 12.30 hour / ICK Space for Dance Art / Rijnlandlaan 3 / Amsterdam


Dance exchange with people with dementia given by choreographer Floortje Rous /
n this workshop we become acquainted with the people behind the disease dementia, by dancing together and having a casual conversation. We start the afternoon with a joint lunch, then we follow a Slow Flow dance lesson and afterwards we talk in small groups with coffee/tea and inspiration material. These materials are from the Sensorium Toolkit from ICK Dans Amsterdam that can be used to feel, smell or look at and are leads to talk with each other.

Friday February 25 / 12.00 to 15.00 hour / Odensehuis / Den Bloeyenden Wijngaerdt 1 / Amstelveen



As a participant in TRANS_LAB you are part of the creative process and part of the community. You are a dancer, maker, generator, artist, choreographer, connector. You reflect, you learn, you act and you share. The movement we built will develop our language in performance.

24 t/m 27 February 2022
ICK Space for Dance Art / Het Talentenhuis / Odensehuis

During TRANS-LAB you join all 5 different workshops in 4 days, from various professionals in the arts, in which you investigate what transformation means and in which you receive tools and develop skills to transform yourself and give expression to transformation. TRANS-LAB is a deepening of your own being, an orientation on all that is possible and a discovery of new worlds.

+ DRAG /

Workshop with queer artist and drag persona Lady Bag (Pieter Cripps Clark) /

Peter (Lady Bag) is a drag artist from the house of Hopeless. They will bring the participants their expertise and vision on the drag culture and community, starting with an introduction and contextualisation about this performative art form. Lady Bag will guide us into encountering ourselves and alter egos by the medium of clothes, make-up, accessories and of course, bags. In this workshop we will search for empowerment through the medium of clothes and make-up by finding the access to our secret inner drag. From Fem Drag , to Drag King, let’s find our Campy, Fishy, Butch Queens and Kings!

Thursday February 24 / 13.30 to 17.30 hour / Het Talentenhuis / Meer en Vaart 290 / Amsterdam


workshop with artistic coördinator ICK Dans Amsterdam Marley Braaf and a group of teenage TIK-TOK masters /

In this workshop we will meet a group of teenagers who introduce us to their world of popular TikTok dances. There will be an exchange between generations where we get to know the present-day trends of TikTok. The past few years the social media platform TikTok has grown out to one of the most used apps amongst teenagers. On the app they can watch and upload short videos and especially the dance videos are well spread. During the workshop the teenagers will teach some of these TikTok dances to us. After this workshop you will be completely up to date with the present-day trends among teenagers. Most important in this workshop is bridging generations and playing together.

Saturday February 26 / 13.30 to 16.30 hour / ICK Space for Dance Art / Rijnlandlaan 3 / Amsterdam


Workshop with clown-artist and teacher Marie Sinnaeve /

In this workshop we will play. Marie will guide us to reach a state of openness, listening to yourself and porosity to the world. This childlike mindset will enable strangeness, awkwardness, emotions and any kind of human beauty and clumsiness to flourish and will drive us through a physical experience of poetry.

Sunday February 27 / 9.00 to 18.00 hour / ICK Space for Dance Art / Rijnlandlaan 3 / Amsterdam



PROFILE You are an amateur or professional dancer/performer/artist/art lover/ex-dancer/ex-performer. You dare to express yourself within a group under the guidance of our workshop teachers. You want to deepen your skills and are open to new art forms. You would like to jump into an artistic growth process, using your body and physicality. You are available for all 5 workshops during the 4 indicated days. 

SUBSCRIBE by sending an e-mail to Floortje in which you mention your name, age, address, phone number and a few lines about why you want to become part of TRANS_LAB. We are looking for a diverse group of participants (age, gender, background). We will let you know on February 18 if you can participate.

Price 5 workshops including tea, coffee and healthy lunch
Regular 100,- euro
Discount 50,- euro (Stadspas groene stip / Amstelveenpas)

Language: Dutch and English.

Hier vind je de Nederlandse open call.

*Participation in workshops does not guarantee participation in Dance Connects Company.

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